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PART 2: I'm dipping in and out of this book and have been reading the stories in no particular order. Wodehouse It's about the mystery surrounding an bekanntschaften raum göppingen and single welsh blanket woman who, having been rejected by a suitor much earlier in life, has isolated herself from the local community.

Though the bones no pun intended of flirten erkennen plot are interesting, I didn't find the execution compelling at all, and the racism doesn't help. Somerset Maugham I think I must've been thinking of something else — but I'm glad I read it, as it's fantastic!

Single welsh blanket builds as the story approaches a Creepshow-worthy climax. It's a bit silly and schlocky, but sometimes that is exactly what you want from a ghost story. I did like the ending, but wading through the rest of it wasn't really worth the payoff.

More sci-fi than ghostly, but a good time all the same. It is a clever portrait of protagonist Clara's mental decline, with Clara's persistent tiredness and the blue-suit-clad figure of 'Jim' giving it even single welsh blanket of a surreal, druggy ambience. I really enjoyed this macabre little tale in which a taxidermist comes up with an ingenious plan to dispose of his hateful boss's body. Afterwards, Toshiko fixates on how the baby's life will turn out, leading to a tragic climax.

While I really liked how this was told, single welsh blanket details didn't stick single welsh blanket my head afterwards, and I expect it won't prove very memorable.

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Perhaps it's time for a revival? It's a pity the title completely gives away what happens! Which is not to say I didn't like it; I've been meaning to read something by Taylor for a while, and this did give me a favourable impression of her writing single welsh blanket it's the subject matter I wasn't sure about. A governess with a precocious charge is disturbed by what seems to be the presence of a ghost; meanwhile, the boy's father is convinced she has designs on him.

The characters are incredibly well-drawn, but the resolution leaves a bad taste in the mouth. If it'd been presented to me as a story written this year, I wouldn't have questioned it; in particular, Jansson's descriptions of the open, light-filled house at the centre of the tale are single welsh blanket effective.


I wish more stories in the anthology — indeed, more stories in single welsh blanket — were as original and striking as this. More horror than ghost story, and a bit too gory for me. Ballard This is one of those stories single welsh blanket such an enigmatic setting and background that it keeps you guessing and wanting to know more from the beginning.

A couple await the return of an astronaut's remains, which have been in orbit since his death soon after takeoff 20 years ago. While the ending doesn't quite live up to the rest, this is one of the most original entries I've come across in the anthology so far. An instantly forgettable story.

A ghost story about ghost stories: Mop, who is an avid reader of ghostly tales, becomes obsessed with the thing, acting as though it's some diabolical creature. The whole story is told by Margaret, who has a rather condescending attitude towards Mop; as tension mounts, it becomes increasingly clear kostenlos single suchen the reader that what's going on in the background is distinctly less supernatural than the girls assume.

Rendell's portrayal of setting, characters and context is so perfect that the story is riveting. The setup is quite good and the boy's Catholic guilt effectively portrayed. However, the ending is just I don't even know what to say. And this makes two so far stories in this anthology that seem to be about an adult lusting after a child.

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  • Ghost: Stories to Read with the Lights On by Louise Welsh

This is a very involving, gripping story — I could picture everything vividly and I was rooting for Fleur from the start. It's a Vietnam war story which segues into the narrator's memories of a childhood crush.

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Perhaps it's more effective in context it's from The Things They Carriedbut I didn't really think there was anything special about this story. It follows Gilda, a black actress in a predominantly white theatre company. It soon becomes clear that there is something distinctive single welsh blanket Gilda single welsh blanket describes others as 'mortals' and alludes to a personal past stretching back centuries and that single welsh blanket attraction to a colleague, Julius, is far more complex than it seems.

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It's vivid, intriguing, and I instantly wanted to know more about Gilda. The plot — about a woman haunted by her friend's disappearance at summer camp many single welsh blanket earlier — is nothing special, but the way Atwood builds her characters single welsh blanket setting is just wonderful. Enjoyable, but not one of Carter's best.

single welsh blanket

The premise is absolutely fascinating, I could have read much more, and I was sorry when it was single welsh blanket. However, I found the format very distracting, and I couldn't help thinking it could have been just as effective without this gimmick. But it was worse when she died again. Involving and moving rather than creepy.

single welsh blanket

It's a combination of monotone style and nonsensical stuff that I guess is meant to be unnerving? Not for me. I've only just read this and I still couldn't tell you what it was about.

I should have known better than to suppose an Ali Smith story would continue to have the same tone all single welsh blanket way through; of course it runs single welsh blanket a variety of voices and viewpoints, and there's a lot single welsh blanket irreverent humour in its portrayal of a woman haunted by the spectre of a hanged girl who, by the way, has single welsh blanket to rather enjoy hanging.


I had the same feeling about this single welsh blanket I do when I read anything by Smith — a thrill at the way she plays with language that diminishes a little every time I'm reminded that all her stuff has much the same vibe. Her family can't see her, but she eats, sleeps island leute kennenlernen watches TV; she even seems to be ageing. For the most part I really enjoyed this and found it charming, but the ending is abrupt and doesn't make sense.

single welsh blanket

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