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Edit Most countries got six different cover artworks. In Germany, even a censored version was released, with a black paper in front of the cover and a warning written on it. Also in most countries, the album title and band name are printed in silver on the jewel case, not on the cover. Exceptions make Japan and Australia.

Rammstein-Album-Release: Was Sie über das neue Album wissen müssen

Australia has album and name in grey print on the cover, Japan in white print. Booklet Edit The booklet shows single pictures of each band member.

The photos were taken by Rammstein deutschland single release Helnwein in Each band member is wearing bizarre facial-wear made from kitchen objects. Till is wearing glasses made of forks, which are the same already used on the cover of "Blackout" rammstein deutschland single release the Scorpions.

Deutschland (Rammstein-Lied)

The booklet is a fold-out booklet including six pages 12, when counting both sides. One side is showing each band member, the other one shows a stock image of a beach and all lyrics and credits.

The Universal re-release from features some lyrics in English. Depending on the cover your copy of the album has, the arrangement of the bandmembers differs.

Formats Edit Template: European copies with the exclusion of the XIII Bis Records copies featured the Rammstein logo, as well as the album title on the front of the jewel case itself, foil-printed in silver. Other non-European countries received CDs with the logo printed on the actual booklet.

Rammstein (Album)

DiscogsBubble Some of the first German copies had black cards slotted in front of the front artwork, censoring the band members' faces on the front as they were considered 'graphic'. This card could be removed at any time, revealing the artwork.

Feeding the rumours about the band recording the new album, they released a photo of them in a rehearsal room. Suddenly on 10 Mayproducer Sky van Hoff revealed that he was working in the studio with Rammstein. He also uploaded a photo, which showed him together with Richard 's guitar tech, Lutz Buch. ParisRichard said, that the band had about 35 songs written. Later it was announced, that the band narrowed it down to songs, to which Till started writing lyrics.

DiscogsBubble A later German limited edition version was released including Du riechst so gut '98 as a final bonus track. Typically, Flake 's face would appear on the front of these copies. DiscogsBubble In Germany, Sehnsucht was released in a limited digipack case.

In France, the album was released as a standard jewel case, but also in two different digipacks. Both digipacks are numbered and have Till on the cover. The first digipack has the standard 11 tracks on the CD, while the second version includes three bonus tracks. It is not known how high the limitation of both versions is. An earlier version was released in Australia, excluding the additional CD. rammstein deutschland single release

Rammstein (album)

DiscogsBubble Others from the same region included Stripped as a rammstein deutschland single release track, making a total of 12 tracks. Sehnsucht france. DiscogsBubble A very exclusive limited edition version of the album was released by XIII Records in France - bizarrely, it is comprised of a French digipack featuring 3 bonus tracks, suspended behind a plate of clear Plexiglas which is signed by all six band members in pink marker.

The Plexiglas itself is attached to a large base made of a white, hard stone-like material by four large metal bolts, inserted in a diamond formation around the digipack.

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This item is speculated to be limited to only ten copies, although, the source for this exact information is unknown. It was the first time the album was released on vinyl. Two years later, on December 8,the vinyl of the album was made available separately. Polish text.

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